Going dark

Support for Dark Mode is an emerging expectation for users of websites. The technology, designed to aid in entering sleep cycles and provide a more readable alternative for some visual conditions, is now consistently supported in operating systems and browsers, and is implemented on five of the top ten highest-traffic websites in the U.S. And […]

Where is my map? I’m lost in a wayfinding world!

Wayfinding is something that each institution has and continually develops. But how often do we consider accessibility in our decisions? Not very often. During this session we will explore the foundations of accessibility for wayfinding and how we can improve it at our universities. We will explore what rules we should follow, what parts of […]

Practical user experience

Understanding a problem is one thing, but knowing how to solve it is a completely different challenge. How do you know which exercises or activities you should use to answer questions that come up frequently while building or maintaining a website? Common questions include: How do we align the needs of many different audiences with […]