The Power of Digital Accessibility to Build Bridges and Open Doors in Higher Ed

Due to licensing restrictions, this keynote will only be available through April 11, 2024. Welcome address from the Accessibility Summit Chair Lindsey Sneed followed by the keynote by Lainey Feingold. Campus digital accessibility professionals build bridges every day between campus technology and digital content on one side and disabled students faculty, and staff on the […]

Breaking Accessibility Out of the Silo

Accessibility is gaining ground with many organizations as area of concern on par with security, but, like security was a decade ago, it is still often regarded as a specialized area that needs to be handled by a specific team. This presentation focuses on the process of shifting a university accessibility program from a siloed 1-team project […]

Building a community of practice for digital standards compliance (it’s more fun than you think!)

When we revised our digital standards in 2019, our objective was simple: We wanted to compile our web-related policies and best practices in a concise and well-organized document. In doing so, we hoped to make it easier for our web management community to create better websites. Since then, this resource has grown to impact more […]