Diversity is not diverse if it doesn’t include accessibility

This presentation will discuss the intersectionality of diversity and inclusion, and the role accessibility needs to play in the conversations and actions taken by institutions of higher education and beyond. This will be an entry-level discussion on why accessibility is a crucial element to any diversity and inclusion plan. While this presentation will not go in-depth […]

Cutting through the clutter: how to create more accessible content

Accessibility is more than just alt text and choosing contrasting colors for your content, it’s how text is written and organized. Readability makes content more accessible to all audiences. The New York Times articles have a 10th-grade reading level, so why do higher education institutions so often aim to write content that’s confusing and convoluted? […]

Accessible typography, fonts, text and more: optimizing the reading experience

Text content is the foundation of the web. We spend most of our online time reading. The accessibility of text may have a more significant cumulative impact on users than any other single aspect of accessibility, yet the visual and cognitive accessibility of text is often overlooked, and there is very little in guidelines to […]