How to manage releases using Git tags and semantic versioning

Releasing code into a production environment is a process teams want to make sure is repeatable, easy to execute and even easier to track. If a release is not easily identifiable or annotated it is hard for teams to know exactly what changes were released, how major the changes were and who made those changes. […]

How to say “no” — and why it’s necessary to IT web operations

Challenging the status quo can be hard, especially in higher ed, and particularly in information technology where most employees are expected to “just do it.” Using a mixture of psychology, politics and a willingness to outlast the rest of your colleagues, learn how Utah State University’s IT web team makes real progress in areas including the consolidation […]

KSS on my list: building a living style guide and pattern library with KSS-Node

A couple years ago, the web services team at Georgetown added new themes to our WordPress system, and since then we’ve learned quite a few things about custom themes and custom Gutenberg blocks. With branding guidelines, accessibility, nearly 400 websites and even more editors, the goal with our latest update was to create an editor and […]