Level up: Boost engagement with online games

What’s your favorite phone or computer game? If you have ever played or watched someone else play, then you know how engaging a game can be. Using gamification to boost engagement is part of the Cornell alumni marketing team strategy. But, we are a higher ed institution, not a gaming agency! We are challenged to […]

Ad hoc identity management for parents of admitted students

Our goal was to convert our “post-deposit checklist” into a dynamic, personalized online resource that parents as well as students could use. The personalization part meant we needed to provide secure access to parents, who have no identity in our network. We solved this by providing guest accounts in Microsoft Azure that we connected to […]

Static site generators and the JAMstack: Liberating tools for fast and secure websites

Websites have long been run by database-driven content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress. Unfortunately, the digital vulnerabilities of such systems are significant and require frequent maintenance to maintain security. Static-site generators, such as Jekyll and Gatsby, take a different approach by entirely removing slow and risky databases from the live site. The results […]