One dashboard to rule them all

This presentation is for dashboard evangelists. It’s for folks who get a kick out of identifying data worth sharing, and figuring out techniques on how to share it with style. While the concepts are platform-agnostic, I’ll be focusing on what you can do with Looker Data Studio. If you’re like me and spend hours honing […]

Turning data into value: how to make your metrics matter to senior leadership

We will delve into the crucial task of aligning marketing metrics with the business bottom line from a leadership viewpoint. Participants will explore how to select and present metrics that directly influence business outcomes, adopting a leadership mindset to understand what drives strategic decisions. The focus will be on not just interpreting data but advocating […]

Unlocking higher ed web development team capabilities with AI

In this presentation, we will look at the potential of leveraging AI as a tool that enhances developers’ creativity, streamlines the coding process and unlocks new possibilities. From analyzing code structures and proposing solutions, to inspiring developers to think creatively. This talk also touches upon the ethical considerations and limitations associated with leveraging A.I. in […]