Building a community of practice for digital standards compliance (it’s more fun than you think!)

When we revised our digital standards in 2019, our objective was simple: We wanted to compile our web-related policies and best practices in a concise and well-organized document. In doing so, we hoped to make it easier for our web management community to create better websites. Since then, this resource has grown to impact more […]

Going dark

Support for Dark Mode is an emerging expectation for users of websites. The technology, designed to aid in entering sleep cycles and provide a more readable alternative for some visual conditions, is now consistently supported in operating systems and browsers, and is implemented on five of the top ten highest-traffic websites in the U.S. And […]

Charting a new direction in web strategy at a Big Ten university

At the conclusion of Iowa’s multi-year brand research initiative, they were all set: they had a logo, brand identity, resources for writing in the brand voice€¦but they realized they couldn’t launch their new brand identity without redoing the front door to the university: Last updated a decade previously, the new website needed to shift […]