Providing a Homegrown Accessibility Training Without Reinventing the Wheel

Want to provide accessibility training for content managers on your campus?  On a limited budget?  We will walk through how a homegrown accessibility training was created and rolled out to over 500 content managers across the state of Tennessee and was required.  We will discover topics covered in the first year, how the content was sourced […]

WCAG 2.2: Exploring the Why, the What and the How?

While the “when” for WCAG 2.2 being fully released is still unknown, Penny Kronz of DubBot will be diving into the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to provide insight for “what” currently can be expected with the WCAG 2.2 standards. During this session, Penny will give an overview of the current WCAG 2.1 standards and explore […]

Hacking Browser Validation: Take Control of Form Error Handling Without Third-Party Libraries

HTML5 brought many enhancements to web forms, including semantic field types (like date, time, number, email and URL) and a collection of attributes to add constraints to fields, such as required, min, and max. Using these features enables automatic validation in modern browsers that works even without JavaScript. But this built-in validation is limited: we […]