Analytics community group

Join this discussion about using analytics and metrics to support your organization. This group is also active throughout the year: Presenters Kris Hardy — Messiah University Shortcode CG5 Tags

Ad hoc identity management for parents of admitted students

Our goal was to convert our “post-deposit checklist” into a dynamic, personalized online resource that parents as well as students could use. The personalization part meant we needed to provide secure access to parents, who have no identity in our network. We solved this by providing guest accounts in Microsoft Azure that we connected to […]

Calendaring everywhere all at once

A calendar is more than just a list of events and dates and venues. It’s a backstage pass to life at your school. It’s a living document — a story about your campus that speaks to everyone. Most campus calendars don’t feel like living documents, for lots of reasons. For one thing, a living document […]