Bringing the human side and analytics together: Rebuilding and shrinking your website

Knowing where to start when planning a website overhaul can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to determine what content to keep, and what content to get rid of. Joining this session will give you an example of how to approach overhauling and shrinking your website, what analytics to use to determine a starting point, […]

Digital discoveries: Unveiling user behaviors through Microsoft Clarity

Uncover the potential of Microsoft Clarity, a free tool designed to track user activities on your website in real-time, providing valuable insights through both live and recorded sessions. Gain a firsthand understanding of user experiences, discover pain points, and recognize effective elements through direct observation. This session will walk you through the essentials of utilizing […]

2024 Analytics & AI Summit Resources

The HighEdWeb 2024 Analytics & AI Summit focused on how to use analytics and AI more effectively in our work on college and university campuses.  The one-day online event was held April 30, 2024. Presentations and video content are restricted to current institutional, professional-premium, affiliate and student members. Become a member. AI track Analytics track Partner […]