What’s standing between you and a more usable website? Five minutes.

Auditing a website is a big, daunting task. That’s why we’re sharing our five-minute webpage analysis. This process was created to use with our web editors and student workers during a web redesign project. In this presentation, we will share our exercise of walking through the following elements of a webpage: title, headings, readability, CTA, […]

VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) SOS

Acquiring new software and services is a constant cycle in a university setting, but acquiring inaccessible software or services does not have to be one of the struggles to face after procuring your technology. To avoid purchasing inaccessibile software or services, VPATs and ACRs (Accessibility Conformance Reports) can be one tool that can help us […]

Why are content management systems so “C.M. Messy?”

What if the real issue isn’t your content management system but how you’re using it? I’ve spent 19+ years of my career thinking about this question, as a technical trainer for CMS authors, and as a developer of CMS authoring interfaces. Attend this session to identify sources of “mess,” and along with some strategies you […]