Achieving a 93.5% Reduction in Accessibility Errors: A National Park College Use Case

National Park College (NPC) achieved a 93.5% decrease in accessibility issues, from well over 200,000 compliance errors to just 13,000 in one year. Jeff Dillon from Squiz and Melony Martinez from NPC discuss how implementing Site Search before a website redesign helped NPC to achieve these accessibility milestones. Presenters Shortcode WEB4 Tags

Analytics-informed content strategy: a case study

A large portion of content strategy is more than just driving traffic to a site and expanding your presence. It’s also about making sure the users you already have are presented with the right impactful content at the right points along their journey. Site analytics can offer key insights into how your content is performing […]

Heuristics of neurodesign: boost user joy, action and ease

Neurodesign is an emerging field of design practice that accounts for how our brains are wired to create designs that promote simplicity, emote joy and drive action. Since humans are visually dominant, how we perceive and attend visual stimuli should be of particular interest to user experience (UX) designers. This is why nuerodesign is important. To […]