Say the quiet part out loud — what really drives a successful website project

St. John’s University recently unveiled a website refresh, which better showcases its signature student experience in support of recruitment and retention objectives. But the shiny new website product would not succeed without prioritizing strong partnerships, hard conversations and commitment to cultural change — the unseen yet essential underpinnings of any successful marketing effort. In this […]

The multi-vendor strategy for a comprehensive website redesign

Universities often face a decision of whether or not to hire a single large agency with broad but shallow knowledge of website redesign best practices versus hiring several specialized vendors with expert-level knowledge in one area. These two approaches often come with massively different outcomes, costs and time commitments. Furman University chose the multi-vendor strategy, […]

A new look for an old college: A case study in working with centralized services

A mishmash of plug-ins, custom code copied from Google searches, five shades of gray and outdated content as compelling as wilted celery… It was (past) time for the 152-year-old college to redesign! For the first time in the college’s history, they could work with campus-level centralized university web services. All redesigns were previously done at […]