Going dark

Support for Dark Mode is an emerging expectation for users of websites. The technology, designed to aid in entering sleep cycles and provide a more readable alternative for some visual conditions, is now consistently supported in operating systems and browsers, and is implemented on five of the top ten highest-traffic websites in the U.S. And now, users of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s website also have their system preference for dark mode (or light mode) supported in the browser.

Join Senior User Experience Developer Ryan Dee and Director Bob Crisler of UNL’s Digital Experience Group to learn how UNL’s technical foundations and governance were created to make large-scale change possible, and how our existing and widely-implemented web framework was augmented, and our web community led, to bring Dark Mode to the over 100,000 web pages that make up the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s website.


  • Bob Crisler — University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Ryan Dee — University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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