Watch Parties

Join us at the monthly party! Grab your popcorn and hop online with several of your HighEdWeb colleagues from across the country to watch stellar talks from HighEdWeb events!  Best of all, we are inviting the session presenter to join us live and answer questions after the talk, just like at the conference. Schedule Watch […]

The world is your user agent: why semantic HTML is important for accessibility

Have you ever written some HTML and CSS, opened your web browser, saw that your HTML “worked for you,” published your changes and moved on? This is an approach that most developers have taken at one point, before realizing that presentation-focused HTML only serves visual consumers and increases the likelihood of inaccessible content. HTML is […]

Presto chango!: the magic of block transforms

WordPress block transforms provide content editors with an easy way to migrate content from one block to another. The core editor already includes many transforms from one core block to another. Turn a paragraph block into a heading. Turn an image block into a cover. But, did you know that you can up your post […]