ChatGPT insights: Accelerating BigQuery setup and GA4 Looker Studio integration

ChatGPT played a pivotal role in meeting the tight project deadline, but not without its challenges and learning curve. We’ll delve into how ChatGPT’s capabilities were harnessed, the vital role of a programming background in complementing ChatGPT, and the iterative process of refining prompts to obtain accurate responses in expediting the setup of BigQuery for data storage and migration, particularly in the context of transitioning from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and integrating with Looker Studio for advanced analytics and reporting. Additionally, we’ll discuss instances where ChatGPT provided incorrect or outdated information and how programming expertise was leveraged to navigate such limitations. Attendees will gain insights into effectively utilizing ChatGPT for complex projects and the symbiotic relationship between AI-powered tools and human expertise.


Robert McIntosh — University of Minnesota

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