Marketing optimization in higher education: Going from 101 to 400

75% of higher ed marketers don’t have the budget they need to meet the expectations of leadership. As competition increases and student behaviors shift, you need to be able to do more with less. By creating a solid data foundation, mapping out the student journey, implementing the right marketing strategies at the right time, and […]

Numbers and nudges: Data-driven collaboration and the art of communication in higher ed teams

In the ever changing ecosystem of digital marketing in higher education, understanding the significance of metrics is imperative to success. However, it’s not just about crunching numbers; it’s about fostering collaboration and alignment among admissions, marketing, and web teams to achieve common objectives. By emphasizing the need for cross-team communication and collaboration, attendees will learn […]

Say the quiet part out loud — what really drives a successful website project

St. John’s University recently unveiled a website refresh, which better showcases its signature student experience in support of recruitment and retention objectives. But the shiny new website product would not succeed without prioritizing strong partnerships, hard conversations and commitment to cultural change — the unseen yet essential underpinnings of any successful marketing effort. In this […]