Level up: Boost engagement with online games

What’s your favorite phone or computer game? If you have ever played or watched someone else play, then you know how engaging a game can be. Using gamification to boost engagement is part of the Cornell alumni marketing team strategy. But, we are a higher ed institution, not a gaming agency! We are challenged to […]

Telling the story the U State way: Leveraging owned media

The office of University Marketing and Communication at Utah State University is committed to telling the USU story, elevating our reputation and highlighting our impact through a unified voice. USU faces the same set challenges as many higher ed institutions — fewer traditional media resources, inaccurate or incomplete coverage and the ongoing competition for engagement […]

The terrible teens: How to manage Instagram at 13

Instagram has evolved a lot from it’s founding days as a feed-based photo sharing platform. We now have stories, reels, live and highlights to manage and explore. You need a good strategy to guide your Instagram presence and create solid growth. As a college, the primary audiences for your Instagram are prospective students, current students […]