The Accessibility Imperative of Interactive Maps in Higher Education

When it comes to digital accessibility, certain resources such as online campus maps and virtual tours have often been overlooked, merely considered as visual aids. However, this perception fails to acknowledge their profound impact on our understanding and navigation of physical spaces. At Concept3D, we firmly believe that maps and tours bear the responsibility of […]

Building a community of practice for digital standards compliance (it’s more fun than you think!)

When we revised our digital standards in 2019, our objective was simple: We wanted to compile our web-related policies and best practices in a concise and well-organized document. In doing so, we hoped to make it easier for our web management community to create better websites. Since then, this resource has grown to impact more […]

Your web copy sucks and it’s all your fault! Writing effective and engaging content

Let’s face it, not everyone “writes good.” Poor writing plagues many higher education websites. Learn the basics of how to use plain language and active voice to translate (often long-winded) Ph.D.-level writing into easy-to-follow content. This session will step you through several examples of tech writing best practices that will step up your online writing game. […]