Proactive Accessibility Not Reactive Remediation

Presenters Amber Hinds — Equalize Digital Description On websites with many contributors including faculty, student workers, and others who’re new to website accessibility, real-time accessibility feedback in the content management system is vital to ensure ongoing accessibility. Relying on weekly or monthly scans of already published content and retroactive remediation when problems are found increases the […]

Accessibility: The Foundational Building Blocks

Presenters Brooke Bailey, CPACC — University of Virginia Description This presentation is designed for all skill levels. It focuses on the foundations of accessibility for people who are new to the topic as well as focusing on the finer details about how to really think about accessibility to engage those who are familiar with accessibility. Key […]

Mizzou Testing Template

Presenters Carmen Schafer — University of Missouri-Columbia Description Learn how our team uses the Mizzou Testing Template (a Google Sheet) to collaborate on our Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility testing projects. I will share our process and how the Mizzou Testing Template plays a significant role.