Institutional Membership

Make the web better, together. HighEdWeb offers professional development and community-building opportunities for everyone involved with digital efforts at your college or university. 

An institutional membership is the most cost-effective way to share the benefits of HighEdWeb with employees and students across your entire organization. 

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The value of an institutional membership

When you invest in a HighEdWeb institutional membership, all of your faculty, staff and students can become members at no additional cost. 

Membership pricing 

An individual annual premium membership to HighEdWeb is $195, so the value of becoming an institutional member is clear. 

Student enrollmentAnnual costEquivalence of individual memberships
Up to 1,999$300< 2 individual memberships 
2,000-4,999$500< 3 individual memberships 
5,000-9,999$700< 4 individual memberships 
10,000-24,999$1,000< 6 individual memberships 
25,000+$2,000< 11 individual memberships 

HighEdWeb uses institutional accreditation to differentiate institutions. One institutional membership benefits all campuses of a centrally accredited institution.

No-cost membership for HBCUs

Our organization – and the higher education community – is at its best when a broad range of ideas are shared and valued. Accredited HBCUs are invited to become institutional members at no cost through 2030. 

Other ways to join 

HighEdWeb offers varying levels of student, professional and affiliate memberships. Explore individual membership options.