Heuristics of neurodesign: boost user joy, action and ease

Neurodesign is an emerging field of design practice that accounts for how our brains are wired to create designs that promote simplicity, emote joy and drive action. Since humans are visually dominant, how we perceive and attend visual stimuli should be of particular interest to user experience (UX) designers. This is why nuerodesign is important. To […]

Personalization and hospitable design

Web experience personalization can go a long way toward kinder, inclusive and more hospitable design — or it can go the other way, making our institutions feel overly salesy. But how does personalization work? What does it mean? And do our prospects even use our institutional website like they use Amazon? The better we understand what […]

Your web copy sucks and it’s all your fault! Writing effective and engaging content

Let’s face it, not everyone “writes good.” Poor writing plagues many higher education websites. Learn the basics of how to use plain language and active voice to translate (often long-winded) Ph.D.-level writing into easy-to-follow content. This session will step you through several examples of tech writing best practices that will step up your online writing game. […]