Members at Annual Conference Welcome Reception

Membership Model

HighEdWeb strives to advance higher education. Our membership connects a community of professionals to share knowledge, resources and experiences.

Membership classes

The HighEdWeb Association offers many classes of membership.

Institutional membership

Colleges and universities may become institutional members. At this level, your entire institution gets access to HighEdWeb resources. Employees receive professional-premium member benefits, and students receive student member benefits.

The total enrollment of your institution determines your annual membership fee:

  • Up to 1,999 students: $300
  • 2,000-4,999 students: $500
  • 5,000-9,999 students: $700
  • 10,000-24,999 students: $1000
  • 25,000+ students: $2000

Become an institutional member

Professional membership

Professional members are web professionals employed by institutions of higher education. These members work as designers, developers, marketers, programmers, managers and strategists. They are eligible to vote on association matters, serve on committees and serve as voting members of the Board of Directors.

HighEdWeb offers two tiers of professional membership. These memberships will be associated with an individual and not an institution.


Annual membership fee: $0

  • General membership does not expire.
  • General members have access to basic content.


Annual membership fee: $100

  • Attendees of the HighEdWeb Annual Conference shall become premium members.
  • Individuals who do not attend the annual conference may pay annual dues to become premium members.
  • Premium membership will expire after one year if the member does not attend the annual conference.
  • If premium membership expires, the level of membership will transition to general membership.
  • Premium members will receive all services available to professional-general members.
  • Premium members have access to expanded content.

Become a professional member

Affiliate membership

Annual membership fee: $100

Affiliate members work closely with the higher education sector but do not work directly for an institution of higher education. Affiliate members includes professionals working in businesses that serve the higher education market. They also may include those who aspire to work in the higher education sector. Members at this level are not eligible to vote on association matters nor serve on the Board of Directors.

Become an affiliate member

Student membership

Annual membership fee: $25

Student members are future web professionals or student workers at higher education institutions. Students members must be currently enrolled at a higher education institution. Members at this level are not eligible to vote on association matters nor serve on the Board of Directors or committees.

Become a student member

Honorary membership

Annual membership fee: $0

Honorary members have made outstanding contributions to the profession or to the association. They are approved by the Board of Directors and the voting membership of the association. Members at this level are eligible to vote on association matters and are eligible to serve as voting members of the Board of Directors upon fulfillment of the criteria for professional membership. They are not expected to pay membership fees.