Guide to slide design

What are the elements of an award winning presentation? The content? The delivery? The slide decks? In this session we will explore some principles of good slide design through the lens of past Red Stapler-winning HighEdWeb presentations. Presenter Nikki Massaro Kauffman — Red Hat Shortcode OCS10 Tags

Say the quiet part out loud — what really drives a successful website project

St. John’s University recently unveiled a website refresh, which better showcases its signature student experience in support of recruitment and retention objectives. But the shiny new website product would not succeed without prioritizing strong partnerships, hard conversations and commitment to cultural change — the unseen yet essential underpinnings of any successful marketing effort. In this […]

Steering the circus: Building an effective website governance and review process

You know your CMS top to bottom… but how do you manage all the people with “big plans” for your website? We’ll discuss tips and best practices for building a flexible and effective governance framework, one that can handle everything from a VC with ideas about the top nav to web editors armed with 80-page […]