Thank you 10: stage managing a community theater of content creators

Content governance at scale is hard. We often have to work with content editors and subject matter experts with wildly varying skill sets, abilities and focuses, while at the same time engaging a wide variety of audiences with time and money to spend in many other places. Trying to manage this organized chaos in a […]

The Goldilocks of governance: right-sizing your approach to digital policies and documentation

Whether you manage a single platform or work with hundreds of editors on hundreds of websites, your digital ecosystem requires governance. Documenting the processes, policies and people involved can help provide clarity, streamline decision making and illuminate areas that are ripe for change. Through case studies and practical advice, this session will address different approaches to governance, […]

Use custom events to supercharge tracking in GA4

One of the fundamental differences between UA and GA4 is the way events are represented in the data model. During this presentation we will take a look at some of those differences to better understand how GA4 works and how we can improve our tracking capabilities using enhanced measurement events and custom events. During this […]