Don’t just crunch numbers, set them free: A guide to data empowerment

In a world where data is abundant, organizations must go beyond metrics and KPIs to become truly data-empowered. This session will guide attendees through the shift from data-driven decision making to a data-empowered mindset in the context of higher education marketing. Participants will learn about the importance of making data accessible and relevant to everyone […]

Two developers and a PM walk into a bar: Lessons learned over libations at last year’s HighEdWeb

This presentation focuses on the benefits of informal communication between developers and project managers, such as increased collaboration, better communication, faster problem-solving and more efficient workflows. We discuss how different roles (developers, project managers, etc.) can work together better by understanding each other’s roles and responsibilities and how effective communication can help bridge gaps in […]

Creating a support group for marketing folks in a non-marketing world

The success of any organization depends on the effective management of its teams. However, silos can often develop within teams, creating barriers to communication and collaboration. Our Student Affairs Marketing and Communications team grew exponentially in the past year — from 0.5 to 6 members and each with a different reporting structure — which presented […]