The P.O.D.s of podcasting

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast but don’t know where to begin? Do you have a podcast but want to improve its performance? Gavin Kelly and Tom Soto from Louisiana Tech University will teach you lessons learned from buying equipment, changing formats and pivoting on the resulting data to grow a follower base. Presenters […]

Complete digital storytelling for the UC Davis 21-week anti-racism challenge

In the Summer of 2020, the UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s Action for Diversity committee created a “21-Week Anti-Racism Challenge” for staff, students and the community. Headed by our Chief Diversity Officer, and backed by our Marketing and Communications department, staff at UC Davis’ Graduate School of Management developed an action plan to promote […]

Engaging parents and families: they’re an audience, too!

In higher education, we know it takes a village to raise a [insert your institution’s mascot here]! It involves a close partnership with parents and families to successfully guide students from orientation to graduation, and encourage their development as engaged and enlightened citizens. Parents and families have become increasingly involved in the lives of their college-going […]