Complete digital storytelling for the UC Davis 21-week anti-racism challenge

In the Summer of 2020, the UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s Action for Diversity committee created a “21-Week Anti-Racism Challenge” for staff, students and the community. Headed by our Chief Diversity Officer, and backed by our Marketing and Communications department, staff at UC Davis’ Graduate School of Management developed an action plan to promote deeper understandings of race, power, privilege, supremacy and oppression within our society.

Our group decided to expand on diversity scholar Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.’s “21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge” concept at UC San Diego, and adapted the challenge to 21 weeks in order to “bake it in” with our community through near-weekly virtual discussions, blog posts, video recaps and social media posts throughout the academic year.

In this 10-minute session, attendees will hear from Steven Wilson-Maggard, the Content Editor and Writer for the Graduate School of Management, and the lead communications specialist for our Action for Diversity group. Steven helped develop the curriculum for the challenge, created and updated the challenge’s webpage, attended every group discussion, prepped and published video recaps from attendees and shared a culmination blog from one of the group’s student leaders. From first-person stories to one-minute video recaps, this complete digital storytelling approach gave the greater Davis community a choice for how to engage with the material, making it easier for those who couldn’t attend the weekly meetings, and giving others a sense of community to discuss sensitive and important topics.


Steven Wilson-Maggard — UC Davis

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