Use Red Hat’s open source audio player for better audio accessibility on the web

Our open source audio player is an accessible web component that features summary information and attribution, subscription links, robust transcription and theming options. In this session, you will learn about our discovery, design and development processes as well as how to use this web component with your podcasts or other audio files. Presenters Shortcode PST4 […]

The robots are finally here! AI tools in UX, design and development to setup today

“The robots are finally here!” and “Why AI could be taking your job sooner rather than later.” Let’s face it — if you see one more news story or blog post on LinkedIn about ChatGPT or Bing you are going to lose it. While it is true there have been enormous advances in AI technology, […]

Creating Accessibility Ecosystems: Institutional Scaffolding for Design and Content

Creating an accessible website or app is not an accidental feat. It requires an always growing skillset, and skills require time to build as well as ongoing support to continue to refine and sharpen. The work also does not happen on an island. Whether we’re creating a new marketing campaign or a new online course, countless […]