Keynote: The Mythology of Design Systems

Design systems have dominated web design conversations for a few years. Just as there’s no one way to make a website, there is no one way to make a design system. Unfortunately, this has led to a lot of misconceptions around the creation and impact of this increasingly important tool. Do any of these sound […]

How we built a design system storefront with WordPress blocks

A well-designed storefront can be a valuable asset for your working design system. Building on the Atomic Design principles established by Brad Frost, a storefront is a useful way to take your components out of the workshop and display them in a meaningful and organized way. Modern WordPress allows us to build this storefront in […]

Use Red Hat’s open source audio player for better audio accessibility on the web

Our open source audio player is an accessible web component that features summary information and attribution, subscription links, robust transcription and theming options. In this session, you will learn about our discovery, design and development processes as well as how to use this web component with your podcasts or other audio files. Presenters Shortcode PST4 […]