Building a strategic plan

Using the four-step process that is the basis for public relations planning, this session will show you how to create a strategic plan. We will focus on creating a strategic communications plan, but this process can be used for most types of strategic planning. Creating a written document in this form will not only make […]

How to build a website truly targeted for prospective students

When designing higher education websites, prospective students are often a key audience, but we’re also balancing the needs of many other audiences. Creating a dedicated admissions website means we can truly focus on the user journey of future students as they research and apply. Over the past three years, OCAD University, Canada’s largest art and […]

Why are content management systems so “C.M. Messy?”

What if the real issue isn’t your content management system but how you’re using it? I’ve spent 19+ years of my career thinking about this question, as a technical trainer for CMS authors, and as a developer of CMS authoring interfaces. Attend this session to identify sources of “mess,” and along with some strategies you […]