Google’s Universal Analytics retirement: your guide to transitioning from UA to GA4

Google Analytics is changing. Universal Analytics will stop gathering new data mid-2023. Will your institution be ready? Learn what’s changing and why, what it means for your measurement strategy and how to create a UA-to-GA4 transition plan. Presenter Tyler Schroeder — RBA Consulting Shortcode AAI2 Tags

Metrics that measure up

No matter our job title or department, performance metrics are important — mandatory even. But with so many ways to track and measure everything we do, applying metrics to our work can be overwhelming. How do we quantify progress? How do we show impact? What’s more, how do we report the value of our work […]

Impactful Ways To Celebrate GAAD Outside of May

Presenters Joe Devon — GAAD Foundation Jeremy Seda — North Idaho College Description How can Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) be celebrated at higher education institutions when it may conflict with commencement ceremonies and/or the start of summer vacation? Joe Devon, the Co-Founder of GAAD shares a breadth of ideas on how others have done this […]