Making remote teamwork work

Remote work in higher ed seemed unthinkable, until the events of the past few years forced the issue. While we know that our work is typically not location dependent, and proved it during the pandemic, many of us are once again facing campus cultures that insist on in-person work. How can we change minds and […]

Architecting agile transformation in higher ed

One hundred plus years of Taylorism and scientific management theory designed for driving efficiency in production lines and industrial work has left many of us grappling with tools that are a poor fit for today’s knowledge work. Agile approaches have the potential to remedy this and liberate the potential in individuals, teams and organizations… but […]

Cozying up to chaos and other life lessons: Getting started with governance in higher ed

“Governance” sounds like work. Like bureaucracy. Like “no.” It doesn’t have to be this way. Governance is most effective when it looks like help and sounds like “yes.” Governance should be empowering, enlightening, supportive of goals and flexible enough to allow innovation. But where do you start? How do you go from the Wild Wild […]