Diary of a new higher ed professional

Who trusted me with this job? An inside look at the real and raw questions plaguing those new to higher education straight from the source — someone with two years in this red-taped political minefield we call higher education. We’ll focus on the questions to ask as a new higher education professional, provide strategies to […]

Making remote teamwork work

Remote work in higher ed seemed unthinkable, until the events of the past few years forced the issue. While we know that our work is typically not location dependent, and proved it during the pandemic, many of us are once again facing campus cultures that insist on in-person work. How can we change minds and […]

Creating tomorrow’s developers by training them as student content editors today

Problem statement The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, like most others, has a limited web staff of only three web developers. For years, there was only one, and only within the last three has hired two more. The influx of requests for editing content, images and redesigns on internal college pages has been unsustainable for […]