Global report of accessibility in PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoints and images in academic content

The number of PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoints and images in academic courses is staggering. Based on 2020-21 global data (across 5.9 million courses), there is an average of 15 PDFs, nine Word documents, five PowerPoint presentations, and 34 images per course. Cumulatively, that’s over 375.6 million content items that could cause barriers for students! Naturally, certain […]

Engaging online learners through documentary filmmaking

For the past 100 years, Harvard Business School has used the case method in the classroom to prepare students for challenging leadership roles. Since 2014, HBS Online has worked to bring the case method online to reach leaders wherever they are — in the world, in their careers and in their lives. In 2021, HBS Online […]

Online learning authoring tools: how governance and accessibility impact the online learning equity

Universities across the nation are moving towards a more hybrid approach to learning as we all acclimate to a more post-pandemic life. Students are now expecting in-person courses to have an online equivalent, and universities will need to make that transition as the paradigm shifts to be more hybrid. University academic courses and electronically provided […]