Going dark

Support for Dark Mode is an emerging expectation for users of websites. The technology, designed to aid in entering sleep cycles and provide a more readable alternative for some visual conditions, is now consistently supported in operating systems and browsers, and is implemented on five of the top ten highest-traffic websites in the U.S. And […]

Engaging your internal audience through digital signage

This presentation explores the challenges of student retention and methods to reach the internal audience of current students. See what one university has done to engage the internal audience for receiving important information and keeping them engaged with campus events. Presenter Andrea Wasiura — State University of New York at Fredonia Shortcode PST2 Tags

The five trends in website design and digital marketing to adopt or drop

The pivot for higher education marketing since 2020 has been significant, and the bar is set higher than ever before when it comes to the expectations of prospective students. As the digital landscape continues to shift, students’ experiences with your communications, brand and processes are crucial at every digital touchpoint. In today’s digital-first world, how do […]