Cultivating career growth through volunteering

In a rapidly evolving professional landscape, the symbiotic relationship between volunteering and career development has become increasingly evident. Join me for an insightful talk that explores the profound impact that volunteering can have on your career trajectory. Presenter Gale Wallace — Pantheon Systems Shortcode PST8 Tags

Providing a Homegrown Accessibility Training Without Reinventing the Wheel

Want to provide accessibility training for content managers on your campus?  On a limited budget?  We will walk through how a homegrown accessibility training was created and rolled out to over 500 content managers across the state of Tennessee and was required.  We will discover topics covered in the first year, how the content was sourced […]

Building Accessible Style Templates in Word for Campus Faculty and Staff

Microsoft Word includes a robust set of tools to allow the creation of accessible documents which can work well for multiple readers and/or their assistive technology. These include correctly using heading styles, accessible table formatting, usable list bullets and numbers as well as adding image alt text. However, most writers in Word do not know […]