How to build a website truly targeted for prospective students

When designing higher education websites, prospective students are often a key audience, but we’re also balancing the needs of many other audiences. Creating a dedicated admissions website means we can truly focus on the user journey of future students as they research and apply. Over the past three years, OCAD University, Canada’s largest art and […]

From zero to 100 without a crash — can you really move fast and break things when it’s time for a redesign?

Rolling out a new site and CMS is not as scary as it seems. In November 2019, Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) and Hannon Hill embarked on a multi-phased project that involved the implementation of newly designed web templates in Cascade CMS, followed by content migration, going live, and additional functional iterations. In this session, […]

Pantheon roundtable: Open source, open web and our values

Pantheon co-founder Josh Koenig invites interested parties to share perspectives on how we respond when the technologies we create and the open web we build are used in ways that don’t align with our principles. This session will be led by a member of the HighEdWeb community, and Board members will be present to ensure […]