Regex: demystifying the hieroglyphics

You’re working with some data and find yourself needing to find a specific piece of information, but your searches keep matching on things that aren’t what you want. While basic searches are fine for some things, in the case above, you need something more powerful. Enter regular expressions (also referred to as “regex”). BUT WAIT, […]

Lightning talks

The lightning talks offered as a single video, which includes the following sessions: Getting Your Point Across (and Down): What Crossword Construction Can Teach Us About Content Presenter: Donna Talarico — Donna Talarico: Stories & Such Crosswordease : NYT puzzle : academic jargon : college website. If you’ve been solving crosswords for a while, you might […]

Improving UX, conversion attribution, user consent and SEO via server-side tag management

Everyone is familiar with the general association between page load speed and on-page conversion rate….but what can marketers do to help improve page load time? Many higher education marketers work with multiple vendors which utilize duplicative platforms and are constantly testing new ones. Addressing the advertising technologies which load within the browser are huge opportunities […]