Chasing likes: Alternative ways to track and measure the success of your owned content

There are countless memes in the social media management sphere making light of the idea of liking your own content with multiple alternative accounts. That’s how we measure success, right? Every click on that heart button is one step closer to the dream. But…what is that dream? Is that post with fifty likes really more […]

Re-aligning your measurement plan, one piece at a time

A measurement plan is a living document that defines which analytics metrics support your communications, marketing, business, or other strategic objectives. It is crucial to keep this document alive by revisiting the measurement planning process. There are several common situations where you should re-align your strategies one big one is the decommissioning of Universal Analytics […]

Get around quota limits with a codeless GA4 and BigQuery integration

Many of us were caught off guard by the GA4 quota limits in LookerStudio, leaving us scrambling to find a solution for GA4 reporting. In this presentation, I’ll take you through my experience of utilizing Google BigQuery to store my GA4 data and the challenges of exporting that data into LookerStudio using queries. Spoiler alert – […]