The Gen Z dream job: help students identify an inclusive workplace using digital content

According to a network trends report from Handshake titled “Gender, Equity and Gen Z,” over half of respondents reported that they would not apply to a job or internship where they find that an employer lacks general diversity. Supporting students in identifying internship and job opportunities that provide an inclusive environment is the responsibility of […]

Get your (web apps) lean with Svelte

Svelte is a beloved JavaScript framework and a radical new approach to building user interfaces. Whereas traditional frameworks like React and Vue do most of their work in the browser using the virtual DOM, Svelte delivers your initial state as HTML markup. Doing most of the work at build time, Svelte’s lack of runtime overhead […]

Automating the migration of 20,000 web pages to Omni CMS

Missouri State’s case study: in this session, you’ll learn about Missouri State’s journey to the Omni CMS platform by a team of four. This included overcoming the challenge of migrating 21,800 web pages as finished (fully “widgetized”) Omni CMS (pcf) files. Presenters Brian Heaton — Missouri State University Jessica Summers — Collegis Education Shortcode DPC6 […]