Ad hoc identity management for parents of admitted students

Our goal was to convert our “post-deposit checklist” into a dynamic, personalized online resource that parents as well as students could use. The personalization part meant we needed to provide secure access to parents, who have no identity in our network. We solved this by providing guest accounts in Microsoft Azure that we connected to […]

Drupal and Microsoft Azure together in harmony

Microsoft Azure is the environment of choice for many higher ed institutions. It provides a lot of really great services to remove the burden of building web sites that are both easy to deploy and scale well. Drupal is the content management system of choice for an even greater number of higher ed institutions. Together […]

Lightning talks

The lightning talks offered as a single video, which includes the following sessions: Open source accessibility tool roundup Presenter: Blake Bertuccelli-Booth — Next-generation tools, built using technologies like Rust and gRPC, are leading the way in providing more efficient accessibility testing, making it easier and faster to ensure that your products are accessible to everyone. […]