The GA4 struggle is real: Recommendations for higher ed

Learn how to navigate and leverage Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Join  Two Octobers’ Nico Brooks and I as we explore: Presenters Shortcode P3 Tags

Numbers and nudges: Data-driven collaboration and the art of communication in higher ed teams

In the ever changing ecosystem of digital marketing in higher education, understanding the significance of metrics is imperative to success. However, it’s not just about crunching numbers; it’s about fostering collaboration and alignment among admissions, marketing, and web teams to achieve common objectives. By emphasizing the need for cross-team communication and collaboration, attendees will learn […]

Optimizing data collection and capability: Server-side tagging and GA4 modeling

Learn about GTM’s server-side tagging for better data control and combine it with GA4’s modeling to uncover actionable insights even in a privacy-centric future. Presenter Jonathan Carroll — Arizona State University Shortcode B4 Tags