Open source accessibility tool survey

Accessibility scanning and remediation is no longer a resource-intensive problem. With the latest open source web accessibility tools, it’s easier than ever to test and improve the accessibility of web properties. As someone who has been involved in the field of web accessibility for many years and built my own open source accessibility solutions, I […]

Train gone sorry: Deaf representation on social media

“Train gone sorry” is a sign language idiom used by Deaf people that is akin to “missing the boat.” There is an abundance of Deaf and DeafBlind people and communities on social media — and this includes content creators, influencers, social media managers, organizations and schools. However, these groups are often misrepresented, marginalized or downright […]

Accessibility isn’t just for developers and designers

Why accessibility matters to me I will discuss my experience with my daughter being born with a heart condition, life-flighted to a hospital five hours away and me trying to figure out how to get to her as quickly as possible. I was emotional, stressed and tired. With all that going on, I had to […]