Don’t just crunch numbers, set them free: A guide to data empowerment

In a world where data is abundant, organizations must go beyond metrics and KPIs to become truly data-empowered. This session will guide attendees through the shift from data-driven decision making to a data-empowered mindset in the context of higher education marketing. Participants will learn about the importance of making data accessible and relevant to everyone […]

Modernize WordPress for a multi-developer, multi-environment workflow

WordPress has a ridiculously low point of entry, and that may be fine for a single developer or site owner who does everything from the Dashboard and Theme Customizer. But what if you have multiple developers and multiple environments? How do you develop and deploy new features, maintain software dependencies, and keep your sanity? There […]

The Robin to your Batman: Integrating AI into your recruitment strategy

Tired of feeling like a robot responding to the same recruitment questions over and over again? Who needs a cape when you have AI to help you conquer your communications goals? From chatbots with smart auto-replies to brainstorming the most captivating email subject lines to landing those helicopter parents — you don’t have to be […]