Leveraging AI in website redesign

The academic program pages on UM-Dearborn’s website provide a crucial resource for prospective students. To optimize these pages, the Marketing and Web teams are currently revamping over 200 of them. This project aims not just to unify the pages and improve their content, but also to enhance SEO and marketing messaging. Given the scale of […]

ChatGPT insights: Accelerating BigQuery setup and GA4 Looker Studio integration

ChatGPT played a pivotal role in meeting the tight project deadline, but not without its challenges and learning curve. We’ll delve into how ChatGPT’s capabilities were harnessed, the vital role of a programming background in complementing ChatGPT, and the iterative process of refining prompts to obtain accurate responses in expediting the setup of BigQuery for […]

Prep your SEO strategy for AI: How to use Google Search Console to identify question-based searches

Last year, Google began testing out an update to their search engine—Search Generative Experience (SGE.) This update seeks to incorporate generative AI into the Search experience, reorganizing results in a new “snapshot” feature and focusing on more Q&A style search behavior. As Google notes, you can “ask new kinds of questions that are more complex […]