Re-aligning your measurement plan, one piece at a time

A measurement plan is a living document that defines which analytics metrics support your communications, marketing, business, or other strategic objectives. It is crucial to keep this document alive by revisiting the measurement planning process. There are several common situations where you should re-align your strategies one big one is the decommissioning of Universal Analytics and the transition to a new GA4-based data model. 

But whether your strategy needs a complete overhaul or just a zhuzh depends on other moving parts. Has your organization undergone any kind of strategy shift, or adopted/amended a strategic plan? Is there new leadership or are there new stakeholders in your projects? Have you redesigned a web property or undergone significant feature development work to create or improve a product? These are things that can impact the context of what we’re measuring, why, how, and to what end.

At best a measurement plan unifies a team around what success looks like: it makes explicit the connections between user experience, user behavior, and success metrics such as engagement or conversion. The more honest you are internally with what success looks like, the more impact your plan will have on showing how your digital properties support your organizational goals.

In this session Aaron Baker will go over the important parts to measurement planning, from define business objectives and identifying metrics that indicate success, to creating honest benchmarks and targets from historical data and figuring out what information will be shared on dashboards and reports. He’ll show some examples from the Harvard University homepage as well as the Harvard Gazette redesign project to illustrate how their team’s measurement strategy has evolved over time to respond to new challenges and situations, including GA4.


Aaron Baker — Harvard University

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