The Accessibility Imperative of Interactive Maps in Higher Education

When it comes to digital accessibility, certain resources such as online campus maps and virtual tours have often been overlooked, merely considered as visual aids. However, this perception fails to acknowledge their profound impact on our understanding and navigation of physical spaces. At Concept3D, we firmly believe that maps and tours bear the responsibility of providing a comprehensive grasp of any environment while ensuring equitable access for all individuals.

We invite you to explore the meaning of accessibility in the context of interactive campus maps and virtual tours. Together, we will move beyond the conventional limits and expand the horizons of what these powerful tools can offer to every user. Discover how Interactive Campus Maps enable seamless navigation of campus facilities, from showcasing all available accessibility accommodations such as bathrooms to facilitating digital wayfinding through accessible routes employing ramps and elevators. We will walk through real examples of accessibility challenges that maps & tours can overcome. Join us to redefine the role of maps and tours in providing an inclusive experience for diverse user groups.


  • Gordon Boyes — Concept3D
  • Jill Bobrick — Concept3D
  • Gavin Potts — Concept3D

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