When Google Analytics gives you lemons, make lemonade

Chances are — if you’re doing web analytics — you’re using Google Universal Analytics. It’s one of the most ubiquitous tools in digital analytics today.

But as of next year, Google will sunset Universal Analytics and upgrade to Google Analytics 4. This shift does not simply represent a new iteration of the old familiar tool but rather a fundamental shift to a new analytics paradigm. With GA4, Google is limiting the amount of data that can be collected (14 months) and will eventually remove access to all data collected with Universal Analytics. Failure to correctly implement GA4 will prevent you from collecting many of the web insights you and your stakeholders have come to expect.

At the same time, GA4 presents opportunities with new features such as mobile application tracking, better consumer data privacy standards and much more. Successful analytics implementation will help set your institution on the track to long term success, stronger data and more powerful insights.

This session will focus on how to successfully navigate transitioning analytics from UA to GA4. We will share strategies we’ve used with various clients, as well as providing suggestions to elevate the quality of your organization’s web analytics and how to take advantage of the full breadth of features included in GA4. This session will cover migration, administration, analytics strategy, web tracking and reporting within GA4.


  • Alex Ahlstrom — SimpsonScarborough
  • Emma Miller — SimpsonScarborough

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