Volunteer Rewards Program

HighEdWeb is a volunteer-driven organization. As a volunteer, you deliver services and programs to the higher ed community. We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you!

This program recognizes your service and gives you the opportunity to earn points toward special volunteer rewards.

How it works

  • Each hour volunteered is worth one point.
  • Volunteers must log monthly service hours within 15 days of the month closing. Committee chairs may review the hours for accuracy.
  • In February of each year, volunteers may redeem points for rewards. Unredeemed points will carry forward to the following year.
  • Volunteers may redeem their points for multiple rewards, as long as the point balance supports the total of the items.

Annual rewards

Each reward is individually valued at that category level. For example, one year of paid membership and a branded HighEdWeb item would total 75 points.

15 points

One piece of HighEdWeb merchandise

25 points

50 points

  • One year of paid individual membership
  • Full waiver to a regional event
  • Full waiver to Accessibility Summit or Analytics Summit
  • 25% waiver to hybrid (in-person) Annual Conference
  • 50% waiver to online Annual Conference

100 points

  • 50% waiver to hybrid (in-person) Annual Conference
  • Full waiver to online Annual Conference
  • Full waiver to an academy or workshop

150 points

  • Full waiver to hybrid (in-person) Annual Conference


  • All HighEdWeb volunteers, including directors, are eligible to participate.
  • Points are non-transferable from one volunteer to another.


Please email the executive director.