Membership Aid

HighEdWeb recognizes that you may face difficult and changing circumstances throughout your career. As an organization that derives much of its strength from a healthy and thriving community, we want to ensure that each member has continued access to our community and its benefits, particularly at a time when they are needed most.

If you find yourself at a time in which you are no longer able to pay the full price for your professional, affiliate, or student membership, you may apply for membership aid. If approved, the qualifying member will have access to membership aid for a period of six months.

Your application will require a brief essay summarizing your need for membership aid (up to 250 words), including a description of your circumstances and how membership aid would benefit you at this time. Upon receipt of the application, the HighEdWeb Membership Committee will review and provide a status update within 10 business days.

To apply for a membership waiver, please complete this application.

Used in directory listings; for example "Alice Cook"

Usually your first name or given name; used on badges or in greetings; for example "Alice"

Please summarize your need for the hardship membership (up to 1250 characters), including a description of your circumstances and how the hardship membership would benefit you at this time.

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