Be the MVP of Managers – TEA9


Joel Vertin


Countless projects. Unrealistic deadlines. Little or no recognition. Sound familiar? The reality of working in higher education is that things will suck from time to time. We have all been there. What can make our jobs more bearable? An awesome manager!

The Most Valuable Players of managers have a variety of skills: They are leaders. They provide both structure and freedom (crazy, right?). They motivate. Empathize. And most importantly—they are HUMAN.

In this session, I will share leadership and organizational tactics commonly discussed in any MBA program—skills that I use to (hopefully?) be an awesome manager for my team of eight staff and eight student workers. I will provide a crash course in job characteristic theory and emotional intelligence. I’ll explore how to structure tasks following core job characteristics, and tie job feedback into the mixed model for emotional intelligence.

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