UTMs and you: connecting the dots and unmasking hidden data

With so many teams facing time, resource and budget issues, making your marketing efficient and effective is critical. But aside from vanity metrics on social or click through rates in emails, how can you really determine which of your marketing efforts are doing the most for you? How can you decipher your Google Analytics data to determine which print efforts, which QR codes, which social ads are worthwhile, and which to scale back on?

This session will teach you how to use UTM codes to collect important information: what links have been clicked, what drives website traffic, what people are doing on the website and,
most importantly, which of your marketing campaigns produce the best traffic. This will allow you to compare stats between digital and even print marketing efforts — look at bounce rates, time on site, goal conversions and other success metrics to decide which are working best for you. Invest more into the ads/efforts that are doing well. Reconsider the ads/efforts that have a low time on site, high bounce rate or low conversions — they’re wasting your time and money.

With a UTM code strategy, you’ll be able to get more rich data and insights on your web traffic to illuminate your digital and print strategies.


Kate Flynn — Carnegie Mellon University

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